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Just for today, I will let go of anger
just for today, I will let go of worry
today, I will count my many blessings
today, I will do my work honestly
today, I will be kind to every living creature


Reiki & Sekhem

The word Reiki is Japanese for 'universal life energy'.

Mikao Usui is said to have rediscovered the ancient Tibetan practice of hands-on healing after studying Buddhist Sanskrit documents. 

Working with energy centres within the body can help determine and identify if there are any imbalances causing disease and discomfort, be it in the mind or body. By re-establishing balance the universal life energy, chi or prana is free to flow and the path of healing is supported.

Sekhem is a healing practice that could be described as the Ancient Egyptian equivalent to Reiki. Sekhem translates as a spiritual power, might and authority and is the word that describes a healing life energy.

Energy healing has been around for thousands of years, occurring in many different cultures around the world and forming hundreds of various techniques.

Wood Structure

We all suffer from stress at some point in our lives and these stresses or traumas can effect our mental wellbeing as well as manifest within the body.

Many of us may be living, perhaps subconsciously, in a state of high anxiety where our Sympathetic Nervous System is forcing us to exist in "Fight or Flight".


Reiki can help to alleviate these stresses in the mind by encouraging the body to switch into a "Rest and Digest" state, engaging the Parasympathetic Nervous System instead. 

Dancing in Water

By re-establishing emotional clarity and wellbeing we can help bring peace and balance back into our manic modern lives and potentially ease or even heal physical symptoms of discomfort and disease.


Reiki is absolutely not a replacement for modern medicine, but it can aid in the healing process. The complex interplay between mind and body is supported by an ever present universal healing energy and it is that which the practise of Reiki accesses and facilitates.


Liquid Drop

Reiki, and other forms of energetic healing, is about balance not only within the physical body and mind but also beyond into our Energetic bodies, or Subtle bodies.

The principal of there being multiple 'energetic bodies' is one that is an 

essential part of understanding these practices. These subtle or energetic bodies, referred to in many cultures (Indian Sanskrit, Chinese, Ancient Egypt, Native American) are interconnected via the universal life energy, that transcends time and space, and connects all life. 


Sometimes we all feel stuck, don't we?

Like something needs to shift in order for us to move forwards...

You might feel that in order to achieve your goals, or fulfil your full potential you need a helping hand...

Perhaps you're just finding life a little overwhelming or challenging...

We're happy to switch on a meditation app, recenter our minds, focus on our breath and allow the stresses of our lives to float away.

And we all know how to look after our bodies by eating a balanced diet and exercising.

So why not try looking inwards, deep to our very essence, what makes us us, and start to see the full potential we all have to offer when every aspect of our being is working in harmony and balance.

Reiki is for everyone because there is a universal energy that flows within everyone and everything.

By channeling and re-establishing a balanced flow of this universal life energy, healing can occur.

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