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What is Reiki & Sekhem

What is Reiki & sekhem?

The word Reiki is Japanese for 'universal life energy'.

Mikao Usui is said to have rediscovered the ancient Tibetan practice of hands-on healing after studying Buddhist Sanskrit documents. 

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Reiki is all about balance not only within the physical body but also within our minds and our outer vibrational fields, our auras. We all suffer from stress or anxiety at some point in our lives. These stresses can manifest within the body, for example post operation, or in the mind resulting perhaps in PTSD. Reiki can help to alleviate these stresses in the mind and body and re-establish emotional clarity and wellbeing.

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Reiki is absolutely not a replacement for modern medicine, but it can help your body do what it needs to to heal, whether that's mentally or physically. It can help bring some peace and balance back into our manic modern lives as well as potentially ease or even clear physical ailments altogether.

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The idea of people using a universal 'energy' to heal has been talked about for as long as any kind of history cares to go back. Shamans often use 'energetic healing' as it lends itself well to their belief system that a 'life-force' connects everything and everyone. 

Working with chakra points within the body can determine and identify if there are any blockages, and by healing or clearing these blockages the universal life energy is free to flow, re-establishing balance.

About Matthew


Sometimes we all feel stuck, don't we?

Like something needs to shift in order for us to move forwards...

You might feel that in order to achieve your goals, or fulfil your full potential you need a helping hand...

Perhaps you're finding life a little overwhelming, or challenging to overcome a certain setback...

We're happy to switch on a meditation app, recenter our minds, focus on our breath and allow the stresses of our lives to float away.

And we all know how to look after our bodies by eating a balanced diet and exercising.

So why not try looking inwards, deep to our very essence, what makes us us, and start to see the full potential we all have to offer when every aspect of our being is working in harmony and balance.

Reiki is for everyone because there is a universal life-force that flows within everyone and everything.

It is simply the art of channeling that life-force to clear blockages and re-establish balance.


For nearly twenty years I have been studying and practicing the art of Reiki, but it wasn't until early in 2017 that I began my journey to become a qualified practitioner. I believe, like so many things in life there is a time and place when intuitively we know that it's the right choice. 

I trained as an actor but since then I have transitioned to directing and have a production company, Fizz and Ginger Films, that I run with my wife, Tori. I recognise the challenging, stressful nature of working in the arts and trying to run your own business and have discovered how important it is to find balance and grounding in our busy lives. 


I grew up half-hippy and half-sceptic so I've always liked to see results and the workings of things. I was deeply sceptical of Reiki until I experienced it myself and saw extraordinary results on people I knew. Over 20 years after my first Reiki experience I'm now a Reiki Master Teacher practitioner, but still like to question things about the system.

I have explored the origins of this kind of healing, including scientific studies that have been conducted at universities around the globe, and have concluded that it's actually much simpler than I first thought. As humans we like to add pomp and ceremony to everything, but in its essence Reiki, or whatever you want to call it, is a system created for us to understand that everything in the universe is made of up of the same matter and energy and we can focus that to help the body heal itself.   


By broadening my understanding of human nature and expanding my skills, my aim is quite simply to help others. 

Is Reiki for me?
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