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For nearly twenty five years I have been studying and practicing the art of Reiki, and am now a Reiki Master Teacher. My Lineage is:

Mikao Usui 
Chijuro Hayashi 
Hawayo Takata 
Phyllis Lei Furomoto
Marta Getty 
Vivien Candlish 
Lesly Carol

Maya Ris

I trained as an actor but since then I have transitioned to directing and have a production company, Fizz and Ginger Films, that I run with my wife, Tori. I recognise the challenging, stressful nature of working in the arts and trying to run your own business and have discovered how important it is to find balance and grounding in our busy lives. 


I grew up half-hippy and half-sceptic so I've always liked to see results and the workings of things. I was deeply sceptical of Reiki until I experienced it myself and saw extraordinary results on people I knew. I have explored the origins of this kind of healing, including scientific studies that have been conducted at universities around the globe, and have concluded that it's actually much simpler than I first thought.

As humans we like to add pomp and ceremony to everything, but in its essence Reiki, or whatever you want to call it, is a system created for us to understand that everything in the universe is made of up of the same matter and energy and we can focus that to help the body heal itself.  By broadening my understanding of human nature and expanding my skills, my aim is quite simply to help others.


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